Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hurricane season is among us...

And we're actually feeling it. It rained yesterday, it rained today, and it's supposed to rain the next 3 days! So you might ask, what do you do for days when it's raining out and you have 3 children? Besides have those moments where you feel you're going to go crazy, there are also those moments to kick back and watch our favorite cartoons. Sponge Bob! Oh yes Sponge Bob is a favorite of ours. I used to think that Sponge Bob was bad, but really if you ever watch Sponge Bob, he's a very innocent character. Really just watch sometime, and you'll see it's a funny show. (please note I'm not getting paid a thing to endorse the show... it's just funny, so go watch it!)
Anyway, it's pretty cool out today it's only in the high 70's. I am actually wearing a comfy pair of jeans, and realized I missed wearing them. By the time spring comes, I'm so ready to put on a pair of shorts, but now I'm getting ready for jeans again. I got a phone call today to help out with our enrichment super saturday on Nov.11th. She wants to do some craft projects, something you can actually use... anyone out there with some ideas please feel free to shoot me some comments! I think we're going with something you could make for someone for Christmas. And speaking of comments, if you read my blog, and never comment, please comment and tell me who you are so I can know who's writing me! I love comments, I had a friend e-mail me and tell me that he read my blog, but I never knew because he never commented. So please feel free to comment away! By all means go comment crazy! Did I mention Eliza's new thing is standing up on her own in the middle of the room? Here's some proof. She won't move her feet yet, but I know she's thinking about it! Oh and my dentist update, I got a root canal, and have to return for a crown! No fun! I don't think I'm too fond of the dentist either, I'll probably have to change to someone else.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Dentist.... ugh!

Well after much procrastination on my part, partly because of having a newborn baby and making it me a mom of three kids, I am FINALLy going to the dentist. I'm going to admit it here on-line that I have had a filling that broke off partially right before Eliza was born, the exact week before she came I think. And so I thought I'll get it done after she's born. So, of course we finally signed up for Dental insurance (yes I know we didn't do it before! Josh gets his done through the Navy, it's just his dependants that he had to take of!) and we got it and did I make any calls? You guessed it, no! So fast forward to last week, I'm sitting at the computer reading blogs, eating breakfast and I realize that my tooth feels sharp, and I realize that it's not food stuck in my tooth. I go and look, and sure enough part of my tooth chipped off where the filling was. So I finally called and got a dentist. So I am going in about an hour. I'm not afraid of the dentist, but having kids and moving around so much really had me put my dental work on hold. I really am just not looking forward to the after my appointment where my mouth will have that horrible after the dentist visit taste. You know what I mean right? Well I need to finish my lunch... and enjoy it while I can!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

So much fun...

Yes we've been having a lot of fun these past few days. With our friends Jon and Megan who are visiting us from Indiana. Wednesday we went to Busch Gardens and were there all day. Because we have season passes our kids are used to going there and walking around, not to say that they weren't tired too, but we definately wore out Isaac and Gabe! Then we went to the beach Thursday and yesterday, then last night was a talent show at church that I participated in. Its been busy here! I of course forgot my camera the first day at the beach, but I remembered it yesterday! So here are some pictures from the past few days!
p.s. Happy Be-lated Birthday Gina!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Norfolk Zoo

Here's a few from the zoo today. Jonas and Isaac are having so much fun playing with their light sabers! (must be a little boy thing!) Isaac was cute, he was calling the light sabers his Jedi. Jonas corrected him and told him, No it's a light saber, but I think Isaac prefers to call it his Jedi still! LOL!

Camping Pictures

So... Josh and our two older children went camping for a few days, while Eliza and I just sat around. (YEAH RIGHT! you know me!) Actually I cleaned the entire house (mostly during naps and at night!), and managed to hang out with friends, and scrapbook. Boy it's easier with just one kid! Anyway, I made Josh return for the camera which he'd forgotten, and I'm so glad he did, because he came back with some wonderful pictures that I can't wait to scrapbook! So here are a few, they took a ton! He let the kids take pictures too, which turned out really good actually!

you never know what will happen....

My title is there for a reason. I'm starting a new Stampin Up ( hostess club. How it works is I have 10 people, and every month they place an order, (minimum is $15)each month one person is the "hostess" and gets the hostess benefits, and a hostess set. So last week, I only knew I had 5 people interested in the club, and wondered will I be able to find 5 more people that are interested? And sure enough I have, well I have 9, but I have one more person I'm still waiting to hear from, and I'm so excited to start my new group next month! Actually this morning my friend Marie called up to see if I still had a spot open (she made it 9!), so thanks Marie! I'm looking forward to making this a great club since it will be my last one that I'll be doing here. Our future residence is still unclear, but I do know we will be moving, to where I have no idea!
On another church related note, (* anyone who reads this from Norfolk keep this quiet!) I've been in the Primary serving as a first counselor in the presidency for a year and a half, and will be released on Sunday. It was a surprise in a way, but then again it wasn't. I'm looking forward to whatever my next calling at church will be, which I haven't been given one yet. I have a feeling of where I'll go next but I'll keep that to myself for now.
My best friend from High School, Megan and her husband Jon and their two sons Isaac (age 3) and Gabriel (age2) are visiting us from Indiana. So far, they have all gotten along really well. Its been fun having them here, and they'll be here till next week. We're planning a trip up to Busch Gardens tomorrow. We took them to the zoo this morning, and currently all the kids are still sleeping, and its been 2 hours! Its been WONDERFUL! (well Eliza is still awake!)
Last week I got 9 pages scrapbooked, it was wonderful! I doubt I'll scrapbook this week, but I need to toot my horn on this because I felt like I was in such a rut with my scrapbooking, but now I feel like I'm on a roll! I'm going to have to take some pictures and post some of my pages. Well that's all for now folks! I'll post some pictures soon.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

just the two of us....

As of yesterday afternoon, it's just me and Eliza. Josh took the older two kids camping in the Shanendoah (sp?) mountains, at the National park. They left yesterday afternoon, so its just been me and Eliza. I have a meeting on Saturday I have to be at, and we didn't think Eliza was quite ready for camping. Its funny how when you have your first child it seems very difficult to manage, and then when you have more you get used to it. Now with just Eliza and I, having one child is a piece of cake!
Its been fun to go shopping, and actually get to look at stuff! We spent some time at Barnes and Noble, and were there for about an hour! (that wouldn't happen with three kids for sure!)
I've noticed as we've been alone, she seems to be more talkative and loud! I think she must miss the noise of her siblings! I don't think she knows how to act when she can actually play with anything she wants to her hearts content and not have someone come by and pick it up! Hopefully she won't get too bored with me.
I do miss Jonas and Maddie, don't misunderstand that, but I'm definately enjoying my time with just Eliza, just the two of us. (you can start singing the song now....)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Before the kids took pictures

I took this picture of the three of them! Sorry about the red eyes!

This is what you get when your kids get the camera!

I tried to post these the other day and it wouldn't let me! I originally pulled out my camera to take a picture of Eliza. I get onto the kids about taking her sippy cups. So I caught Eliza with Jonas's drink, but I never got the picture as Maddie immediately picked her up and she lost interest in the drink! But we ended up having fun taking pictures!

Monday, August 14, 2006

growing a little more each day!

Eliza is 9 months old! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by! Today I took her to the doctor for her 9 month appointment. She is 16lbs. 6oz. and is 26 inches long. She's gained 3lbs. since her last appointment, and has only grown one inch in her length. She's still small, but still on the growth chart, just on the lower end! lol1 She got one shot, and got her finger pricked (poor thing!) to check her iron levels, and all is well. She's currently taking a nap, and seems to be sleeping well, as its been about 2 hours now! Hooray for naptimes! I'll post some pictures later.

Friday, August 04, 2006


I've had these thoughts lately, and I thought I'd throw them out there... I really don't need answers..but it's nice to vent!

Why is it that my kids will devour a frozen pizza, yet not eat the wonderful baked chicken breast that soaked in italian dressing all night?
Why is it that the little ants always come to visit me every summer in my kitchen?
Why is it that I can never remember everything I need at the store?
Why do I have 3 bottles of Olive Oil?
Why is it that my kids enjoy taking the toys out, but not putting them away?
Why is bath time not as fun as it used to be?
Why do people feel the need to tell me I have my hands full when I have all three of my kids with me?
Why is it I always get stuck behind the SLOWEST people while trying to get somewhere in a hurry?
Why is it that Wal-Mart always has really long lines when I don't feel like waiting in them, but no lines when it doesn't matter?
Why do people go to Wal-Mart, when everyone tells me that they hate Wal-Mart?
Why is it so easy form me to talk on the phone while fixing dinner, changing diapers, getting sippy cups filled, yet my (wonderful! yet handicapped) husband can't do two things at once on the phone?
Why do 4 year olds seem to think they know everything?
Why do 3 year olds have to be so stubborn?
Why do we eat ketchup with hot dogs, hamburgers, and french fries?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Eliza's new tricks

Eliza is growing so fast! I need to say something about her here otherwise I will forget! Right before we left on our trip her first tooth started poking out! So she has one tooth on the bottom, and it looks like the other bottom one is coming up to join its friend. While on our trip, she learned how to clap her hands. Its so cute to tell her to clap her hands, and then she does it too. What a cutie! Her new favorite thing to do (which is one I really don't like!) is she climbs all the stairs up to our attic, and then sits at the top and cries until I come and get her. This is a new thing she started doing since we returned home. I could put a gate up, but I really want her to be used to the stairs, and master them. If I block her off, then she'll never get good at them. (just how I feel) Luckily they are carpeted!

pictures from the trip

We made it home! And we are now just trying to take it easy! The weather here is extremely hot! It's 100 degrees, but the heat index says it feels like 112! YIKES! So we're just trying to stay cool, which means staying inside. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip!

Our crazy adventures... with 4 great kids...