Monday, October 26, 2009

Hensley RV Camping

We took the weekend and went camping... but not in a tent, in an RV to several different state parks here in good old Virginia.The kids were pretty excited about going in an RV, in fact they liked it a lot. They liked the fact that they could watch t.v. or play the Wii. (We brought ours and hooked it up to the t.v.) Sleep inside, and on a little bed, and enjoy running water and a bathroom fairly close. (my favorite part was not having to stop to use the bathroom since we had one in the rv with us!)
Although I think the point of camping is to enjoy the outdoors, and take a hike. The trees are beautiful colors right now, and the weather was fantastic. Although they weren't excited about the hikes. If you heard them you would've thought they were being tortured! I hope that we created a fun weekend they can look back and enjoy!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New York City Trip

Josh is home for his R & R (rest and relaxation) trip. He gets 15 days to be with us. So for his time home we flew Josh's Mom here to watch the kids, and we went to New York City. On Oct.15th we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We arrived in the City on Sunday evening. We did a lot of riding the subway, ate a lot of really good food, and some not so great food. We went to a taping of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. We also saw a play Brighton Beach Memoirs, and a musical Phantom of the Opera. We went to the Museum of Natural History, went to Federal Hall where George Washington took the oath of office. Went to Central Park and got a row boat, and walked around ground zero. We went to China town, and were offered many fabulous deals. We also were offered many deals on purses and watches, although we passed on those! All in all it was a fabulous trip. I wasn't quite ready to leave, but we did just about everything we wanted to do. Here are some pictures from our trip.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Keeping the Tooth Fairy in Business...

In the last month and half we've lost 4 teeth. Jonas has lost one on the bottom, and one on the top. Maddie lost both her two bottom teeth. (the two in the very front)
So needless to say the Tooth Fairy has been kept in business!
Here are my children with their holes in their mouth! Although Maddie's teeth have come in pretty fast, and so is Jonas'!

Our crazy adventures... with 4 great kids...