Tuesday, June 26, 2007

quick update

Last week was the start of swim classes for Jonas and Maddie every morning M-Thurs. It will be all done on Thursday, so our mornings will once again be free. Jonas hasn't really "loved" swim class as much as I thought he would. He eventually gets into it, but it takes him awhile. Maddie on the other hand is a fish! She loves going to swim class, and is having a blast. Eliza just gets mad because she can't get in the water!
We've also been busy taking trips to Busch Gardens, and Watercountry USA. In fact if all goes as planned we will be heading to Watercountry today.
Josh has been away for work. Last week it was San Diego, then he left Sunday morning for Jacksonville, FL. He returned home last night and thankfully won't have to go on any trips for a few weeks. That's it for now. I'll try and post some pictures later.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Josh's other woman

Yes it's true, a new woman has come into my husbands life, she's got a hot younger body, and moves very FAST!
She's a 2006 Pontiac GTO. She's Josh's dream car. After MANY years of our trusty Berretta, Josh decided that the stars were aligned and the budget could handle another car payment. I also think the guys at work had given him a tough time for driving a car that had no a/c, the upholstery in the thing is shot, the fabric on the ceiling inside the car is falling down, and it smells funny. (not making that up trust me!)
When talking about getting a new car I said jokingly: "Honey, are you going to love the new car more than me?" Josh: No, because I married you, otherwise I would've gone ahead with my 5 year plan (which included the car)!
Anyway, he was very sweet and let me drive it off the lot, it's so much fun to drive a manual car, and it really does go VERY fast! Jonas and Maddie love riding in it too! Oh and the other good part is it has A/C of course, which will help when it gets up in the 90's next week!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Hail and Farewell

In Aviation, at least for the Navy (don't know about other military branches) when you join a squadron you are "Hailed" or welcomed, and when you leave you are "Farewelled".
Saturday night we attended our last official function in HSC-28. It was a prorgressive dinner and then a Hail and Farewell. Although we're not really leaving the area, Josh is no longer in the squadron. It was a fun night, and a little bittersweet as well. There were so many new people, that all of the old folks sort of stuck together for awhile it seemed, although by the end of the evening I know I'd met some of the new people on my own. The first picture is of Josh and I with the CO and the next picture is with our friends the Williams. Ted and Tricia.
It's hard to believe that Josh's 3 years of being in the squadron are now officially over. Even though he'd begun his new job, it honestly didn't seem real yet.
I hope that someday he'll go back to another squadron and there will be as many fun people as there were in this squadron.

Friday, June 01, 2007

my Scrap room....

I've had my own scrapbook area for years now. In fact it was a pre-requisite for our home, I HAD to have a place I could stamp/scrapbook. I had it up in the attic for several years. As we had all our new drywall put in, of course I had to pack EVERYTHING up and it got moved around a lot. Then when Eliza was ready to be in her own room, we decided that the girls should share a room, so they would need the bigger room, and we decided to have Jonas sleep in the extra room upstairs in the attic across from the loft room/scrapbook room. Well I got the brilliant idea that the little room that was once the "nursery" should be my stamp room because it has a door I can shut and keep little ones out of my stuff. It's a little cramped, and not even considered a bedroom because it is so small, but it's great. It was pink and yellow, and I decided to repaint it, even when we didn't know if we were moving or not, I knew I needed a different color. Then today we got another computer, because the old one wasn't cutting it, although I now have the old one in my scrapbook room because it will cut it enough for what I do with it. (blog, surf the internet, check-mail, order pictures, etc.) I will post pictures later as I need to find our power strip to plug in all these different things and only have one plug in my entire room! lol! (you'll see how small it is when I post the pictures later!)

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