Sunday, July 05, 2009

Summer Fun *warning, tons of pictures!

So I know most of you may be wondering what I've been up to since I haven't posted on my blog in awhile, so I will give an update!
School got out on June 16th and the next week my sister and her kids came for a visit. And that was spent going to the beach, to the aquarium, and just hanging out. We had lots of fun! We've gone to Busch Gardens a few times. Wyatt can ride some of the kiddie rides now, and he loves it!

We've gone to the Beach a few times. We went with my sister as I mentioned, and we went on the 4th of July. Then went to see the fireworks with Jenn, David and their girls.

We have gone to the botanical Gardens W.O.W. (world of wonder) area for the kids, which is fun because they can play in the water. Since we have a Botanical Gardens membership, we can go whenever we want, and so we've gone there a few times.

Jonas started summer school on June 29th, his teacher thought it would help him improve his reading and writing. Maddie started a summer enrichment program through the school on June 29th and thankfully they both are about the same time. I drop them off at school 8:20a.m. and Maddie gets on a bus to go to another elementary school, and Jonas goes to school. Then Jonas gets done at 12:30p.m and Maddie gets off the bus at 1:30p.m. and they both will be done at the end of July. Jonas and I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. We met up at Friendly's and got ice cream and then went to the theater to see the show. It was a lot of fun. Although not all children that attended made it through the whole movie, but if you're wondering Jonas made it, he's just like his Mom, a nightowl. We didn't get home until 3:30a.m. Needless to say, I'm tired!

I don't have pictures, but usually Monday through Friday we also go to the YMCA for a few hours! This next week we'll be busy getting ready for our trip to Utah for my family reunion! My neice will be flying up here to help me with the kids on the flight. I'm so excited to see all of my family!
On another note, we will be here in Norfolk until next May 2010. Josh has extended his time in Kuwait due to the fact he's applying for a different program in the Navy, that will take him out of flying completely. Because of when we find out whether he will get in this new program or not, I didn't want to end up possibly moving twice within 6 months, so we decided to stay here. We also decided if we were going to do that, Josh might as well stay in Kuwait and collect the extra pay he gets for being deployed. I'm very sad about this, but I know we'll survive. It helps that we get to talk every night via webcam so we do "see" him. He has 15 days of leave, and we will be seeing him in October, and we will get to celebrate our 10th anniversary together. So that's the bright spot in this deployment.

Our crazy adventures... with 4 great kids...