Friday, June 20, 2008

Goodbyes and Updates

I'm going to try and make this brief as I have to get the car packed and then pick up Josh from the airport here in Ft.Wayne. We got an offer on the hosue,and after negotiations and inspections we will be ready to close at the end of June! It has kept us busy making phone calls, signing papers, resigning, faxing, etc. Thankfully I've been able to fax things at my Mom's work. (thanks Mom!)
We have had a good time here visiting my parents. We visited the zoo and science central, and even went to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday.We saw Josh's grandparents, Aunt Deb, and Great Aunt Sue while here. We also got a visit in with my friends Josh and Melissa, Juanita, and Roger and Judy (all people I knew from High School). And got to go to the park with friends Michelle and Anna from church I knew growing up and from Ball State. It's fun to see friends all grown up! The time we spent here really flew by, especially this week.
We are scheduled to move into our house in San Diego on June 27th. I'm excited to get there and unpacked. We have a long drive ahead of us. Here are some pictures the first one was taken a few days ago here at my Mom's of Wyatt, I think he looks like he's getting so big already! The others are from before we left Norfolk me and my some of the wonderful friends I made there (some of my other good friends have moved away before me so aren't in this picture),(Jonas with his Kindergarden teacher), the girls at the beach at their friend Emily's birthday party, pic of the kids on our porch,our moving truck as it drove away, Wyatt and Great Grandpa Hensley, The kids on my friends Josh and Melissa's hammock with own of their daughters Nora, Jonas on the horse at the zoo, Eliza at Science Central. Sorry they are random, but at least you get pictures! Enjoy!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Road Trippin'

We're officially on the road to spend a little time in Indiana. Somewhere a big semi-truck has almost all our our worldly possessions on it. That's a little scary to watch a complete stranger drive off with everything you own, but trust that they'll do their job in getting it to where it needs to go safely. I felt sad to leave our home of 4 years, I didn't think I'd care to leave a house. I felt a bit silly crying as I looked around at our home of 4 years. It was our first home we ever owned and we put a lot of love into making that our own, with help from family and others we don't know in getting it to where it is now. A lot of stuff happend there, Two of our children were brought home from the hospital in that house, we had a lot of firsts too. First climbs of stairs, first steps, first lost teeth. Lots of gatherings with friends, late night scrapbook nights, birthday parties, first days of school. Walking around my house for probably the last time I had all these thoughts going around in my head of all the stuff that happend there. I will miss Virginia, my home and all of my friends. We have hopes of an offer possibly coming next week, if not we'll rent our house and then of course I'm sure I'll see it again, if we sell it when we ever go back it will be someone else's house. So that's the update... I'll post pictures later... maybe I'll try and post some at my parents house. Until then we're living out of the suitcases.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

flying by...

Our time in Norfolk is quickly diminishing. We will be getting packed on Thursday and all then they load the truck on Friday. So you can imagine that I haven't been dilly dallying these past few weeks, we've been very very busy. We're also still trying to sell our house, which we are now faced with if we don't sell soon we're going to rent it. We don't really want to do this, but we don't have a choice unfortunately!
At the beginning of the month we celebrated my friend Jenn's birthday with a karaoke and dance dance revolution at our friend Nicole's house, it was also an optional Sleepover which I did! We were up until the wee hours of the morning doing American Idol Karoke on the Playstation 2 (soo much fun!) and the theme was New Kids on the Block since Jenn is and always will be their biggest fan! So we decorated with New Kids stuff that our friend Jenna found on e-bay, it was so much fun! The other baby in the picture with Wyatt is my friend Nicole's son Gabriel. (she and I were both pregnant at the same time) He's definately a LOT heftier than Wyatt. Isn't it a sweet photo though? They look like they are holding hands, soo cute!
We had Maddie's birthday party on May 17th with her friends from school and a few church friends, then the next day on Sunday we blessed Wyatt. My parents, and my Grandma, and Josh's Mom were all able to come. It was such a sweet blessing of Wyatt, and he did fairly well. (only cried a little bit during!) My parents spent a few days with us, and we had fun going to the zoo and the childrens museum. Wyatt surprised us all by rolling over (both ways!) this week, and he just turned 4 months! Maddie had her last day of preschool, and the day after turned 5! Wow!So here's some phots and hopefully if I can get it going the video of Wyatt rolling over. Eliza is still busy being 2, and the funny thing she's been doing lately is she'll say "your funny Mommy," and I will then say, No, Eliza your funny, and then she says NOOO your funny and starts giggling, and we go back and forth for a minute. It's funnier in person, you'll have to trust me on this! Jonas is ready for summer vacation, and has a school concert Tuesday evening, so that should be fun! And some friends are throwing a little goodbye party for us at their house, so I'm sure I'll post pictures of that, I will miss all of my friends here.

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