Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Did we fall off the face of the earth?

The answer to that is NO! But we did move to California, so it's bound to happen eventually right?? So here's a quick rundown of what you've missed
-We moved to Seaside, CA which is near Monterey in August of last year. Josh started school at the Naval Post Graduate School.
-Wyatt turned 3 on January 30 of this year. He loves Thomas Train and Cars. Those are his two favorite things. He also loves a show called "Chuggington" which we watch A LOT. He also likes the show Team Umizoomi.
-Eliza started Kindergarten (California cut of is 5 by Dec. 2nd, she turned 5 on Nov. 13th) she's the youngest child in her class, but she's doing well.
-Maddie turned 7 May 29, 2010. She is looking forward to turning 8 this year. She started 2nd grade and loves it. She misses her friends in Virginia, but has made some great new friends here. The big thing for her since we moved is she finally rides a bike with no training wheels, and she lost both of her front teeth.
-Jonas just turned 9 this year. It's amazing how fast 9 years goes by. He's had some struggles adjusting to the move, the new school. We're working on that. He has also made a lot of new friends here, and enjoys all the friends on our street.
Josh is busy getting a masters degree in something to do with Russian.. as that's his language, and Europe is where we'll go eventually. He's doing Cub Scouts at church. We're just glad to have him around all the time again.
As for me, running has kept me busy. I ran my first 8 K race last year, and it made me want to do more. California is a great place to run, because the weather is almost always perfect. So I stopped running on the treadmill, and started running outside. There are a lot of hills around here, so it was difficult at first. I've kept going, and am looking forward to running in my first half marathon race on March 12, 2011.
I'll try and get back to posting more! Promise!

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