Tuesday, December 30, 2008

11 months today

For several months now Wyatt would crawl to the bottom of the stairs and stand there and happily stay at the bottom step. I've been waiting for him to finally pull up and start climbing. Yesterday out of the blue, he finally decided to climb up. Thankfully he has a very "helpful" big sister Maddie who came up to tell me immediately when he started climbing. So we tried to encourage him to keep going, and he got half way up before he got bored and started to get unhappy. It's still amazing to watch the changes that little baby's go through in their first year. And I can't believe my little baby is getting so big!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wyatt {hearts} spaghetti

I actually took this last week, but with all the business of Christmas I didn't get to post this. I couldn't resist posting this picture... he's just too cute!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Post Christmas

We had a fabulous Christmas. I love going to visit family and friends, but I have to say it was so nice to just stay at home. On Christmas Eve we had dinner, then opened one present from under the tree, read about and tried to get the kids to act out the Birth of Jesus, and then read The Night Before Christmas. The kids were actually excited to go to bed. (gotta love that, and obviously my red eye on my camera wasn't working! lol!) It did take awhile for them to fall asleep since they were so excited, but they did. I didn't take any pictures yesterday sorry, they were too busy opening presents to pose. Jonas got a Nintendo DS from Santa, Maddie got an MP3 player from Santa, and Eliza got a play kitchen which had 22 steps to put it together! (thank you Santa for putting that together!) I was also surpised when I came downstairs to see that Santa brought me a new KING size bed, the exact one I wanted from IKEA too! Which also went perfectly with the two nightstands I bought Josh from Christmas from IKEA that match the bed! Wyatt wasn't too excited about the 6a.m. wake up call, when presents were done he immediately went back to sleep for a few hours! But he has enjoyed playing with all the new toys that he got and the ones his brothers and sisters got too!
We had the missionaries over for a Christmas dinner, and I made a turkey for the first time ever, and it turned out great! So it looks like we'll be eating a lot of left over turkey for awhile!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Programs... and threatening to call off Santa....

My kids both had their Christmas programs on Thursday. The school is so big that they have to do the different program in shifts so everyone can fit in the mulitpurpose room. (which if they had P.E. we would call the gym, they call it the multipurpose room, I guess cause it has carpet. They also eat in there when it rains, or at least some of them do, the others eat in their classrooms!)
Jonas' class did all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, and they were very cute, they had his class combined with another 1st grade class.
Maddie's class Rudolph the Red Nose ReindeerMaddie's class has been practicing singing their song and dance now for a few weeks. They did a great job.
So yesterday didn't start off so well for me. I am getting up to head downstairs when Josh informs me that Jonas decided to cut his pajamas. He said he talked to him about it. So I figured okay. Well when I saw Jonas he hadn't just cut his pj's he also cut a chunk out of the front of his hair. This made me grateful he is a boy, so we could just shave his head, but alsoo made me mad. He is old enough to know better. So we talked some more, then we were hurrying to get ready as my friend offered to cut his hair before school. Then all at once, Waytt had a blow out poopy diaper (he was already dressed for the dat at that point too!), Maddie can't find her present for her gift exchange at school, Jonas unwrapped a present that was ripped in the front so he thought it was fair game I guess. All I could say to them at this point was... "guys, you've got to be kidding me!" I literally felt like I was losing my mind, and having a bad dream. Unfortunately it was real! But we made it to my friends, got Jonas' hair cut, which he also got grounded for, and I threatend that Santa wouldn't be coming for him if he kept it up. Josh actually said we should have him give the toy away to a worthy cause, which we might still do to teach him a lesson. But it wasn't from us, it was from grandma.
It was a better afternoon for me, Maddie's teacher explained that their homework packet was practice, so if they got it done great, if not it was really just practice. And my thought was ROCK ON!! So I was a happier person about her class yesterday, and Jonas did his this week so he's pretty much done! So the kids don't go back to school until Jan.12th. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gray Day

This is the view outside my house today. I don't recall it raining like this when we lived here 5 years ago... I think it rained while we went back to Indiana over Christmas, and maybe it sprinkled once, but that was it. It has been cold and yucky today. This is what it looked like on Monday. When it gets like this, it makes me want to stay home and not go anywhere. Unfortunately I had to take my kids to school on Monday and got lucky today that I was swapping with a friend doing babysitting, and she took Jonas and Maddie to school for me. There is one downside to the kids school, for some strange reason they think that since they have a 3 week vacation, that they should be doing homework. Notice the date is Christmas day... yeah... I don't think so!
We got the homework packets this week, and Jonas will mostly finish his except for a few sentences this week. And Thanksfully he didn't get regular homework for the week. But Maddie got way more than Jonas did, she not only has homework every day, she also has the packet. I'm definately not happy with the school about this... who gives kids homework over Christmas?? I guess just our kids school! GRRR!
That's definately one way to kill my Christmas spirit... but here's a funny picture from the other day of Eliza. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Maddie's New glasses

About a month ago we got a letter from the school saying that we should take her to an eye doctor to get her eyes checked after they did the usual eye test there. So it took me awhile to make the appointment because I honestly did not think Maddie needed glasses since neither Josh nor I wear them. Maddie kept asking me when we were going to go and get her eyes checked. So I finally took her in. We found I was very wrong!
She has a stigmatism in her left eye and a slight one in her right. So we (actually Maddie) picked out some cute glasses, and we went and picked them up. She was pretty excited about it. I think she looks pretty cute!

Some more photos

okay I'm posting more pictures from our photo shoot on Saturday, because I love how these turned out and wanted to show them off! Amber sent me a ton of pictures from our shoot, because she knows I scrapbook! I am sending the black and white one of all of us that I posted the other day as my Christmas picture to Family AND FRIENDS! (okay Marie!)So if I have your address... then you'll be getting one in the mail!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Family Photos

My wonderful and talented cousin Amber (please check out her blog here) http://www.amberkatrina.com/blog/
has started her own photography business, and lucky for me she just lives a few hours away! So this last Saturday we hired her to come and take our family photo for Christmas! We had a lot of fun, and she got some wonderful pictures! Thank you so much Amber! So don't worry family I'll be sending you pictures soon!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dear Skinnier Jeans...

Dear Skinnier Jeans,
Its been awhile since we last spoke. I didn't like you referring to my waist as a muffin top, nor did I like you mentioning the fact that I hadn't worked off much of that baby weight. It took awhile I really have been working on it, and even though I'm not where I want to be yet, I can now honestly and truly say I forgive you for it all Skinnier jeans. Today when I picked you up off the shelf I was hesitant, would I again feel the same rejection I felt before? Would I again put you on the shelf for another day? No, today I slid you on and buttoned you up with some room to spare. Thank you for waiting patiently Skinnier jeans, though I do have other skinnier jeans waiting for me, you were the one I missed the most. I missed you, and hope we can pick up where we left off.

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