Sunday, February 14, 2010

8 years ago today...

8 years ago today at 7:22p.m. Jonas made his way into the world. Its amazing how fast 8 years has gone by!
The reason I chose this picture below, was to show just Jonas with Josh and I. Really I think this was the last picture of the three of us because soon after Maddie was born. As you can tell I was very pregnant!Poor Jonas never really got Josh and I all to himself!

We love Jonas so much. He's brought so much joy into our lives. So today in honor of Jonas turning 8, I wanted to share 8 things that I love about Jonas.
1. I love that he's funny
2. I love how he likes to quote commercials, and that he's young enough that he believes everything they say. (right now I'm supposed to switch to geico for my insurance!)
3. I love how laid back he is
4. I love that he still likes to hang out with me
5. I love that he loves his sisters, and brother. (although doesn't act like it all the time)
6. I love that he wants to make good choices, and does try really hard to do that.
7. I love that he is excited about the changes that are coming in our life. It's a sign that he's getting older, he hasn't always been one to enjoy change.
8. I love that he thinks of Josh, his Dad, as his friend, and I hope they will always have a close relationship.
Happy Birthday Jonas! We love you buddy!

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