Sunday, August 02, 2009

Reunion time

We just returned home last night from our trip to Utah. I was worried about how the kids would do on the airplane. I was especially worried about how Wyatt would do. I really worried for nothing because they all did FABULOUS! Wyatt did cry a little there and back on the plane, but not long enough in my opinion that it would've bothered anyone. We flew to Salt Lake and we spent a few days there in a house we rented. It was huge! It was nice to have my parents, grandma, sisters and kids there without having to worry about being in someones way. It was also nice to have several bathrooms. We went to Heritage park I think is what it's called, where Brigham Young looked over the valley and said, "we're here!" Well not really, but he did say it was the right place. They have a little pioneer village that was fantastic, the kids had a great time, and the adults did too! Everyone agreed it was a winner. We spent time in the hot tub, had a little talent show, and played our family game Mormon Bridge. We also celebrated my sister Christine's 40th Birthday!

We left Tuesday for Beaver. We had a schedule for the days we were there which went breakfast at 8a.m. all three days, and we had activities in the morning, and some free time in the afternoon, and stuff in the evening. The second night was our Mormon Bridge Tournament. We had 13 tables, and 7 people per table. It was a lot of fun. We also had our usual family talent/variety show which is always good fun. We also had 2 family dances. At the last family reunion 5 years ago, my cousin Jean and I and some other family members got in the hot tub with all our clothes on in the middle of the night. I joked with her about doing it again. I didn't think she'd do it, but we were up playing Mormon Bridge and I think by 2:30a.m. all our senses were gone anyway, so we jumped in the pool and then got in the hot tub. We also recruited some younger cousins that weren't there last time to do it with us. It was so much fun! (thanks to my Dad for staying in my room with the kids!) I of course had my camera and got pictures!
The reunion went by way to fast!

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