Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas...

Which looks like we will get as we are in Indiana visiting my parents for Christmas... and they have SNOW! Its been awhile since I've seen any, and the kids are pretty excited to get to play in it! I just wanted to post and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, I'm typing this on Josh's laptop as we roll into town at 6:20a.m. after driving all night! Surprisingly enough we got here in 12 hours! After Christmas we are heading south to Florida to visit the Hensley family.
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

the joys of motherhood..and rude people...

I love being a Mom. Do I love it all the time? Honestly no. But I love my kids, and I love that they are mine and their sweet personalities, and all the little things that I know about them that no one else knows.
Eliza is 2 and into being VERY INDEPENDENT... she wants to do it by herself regardless if she actually can do it or not. (yesterday she wanted to zip her coat up by herself). Anyway, last week was my last week to get some last minute shopping done for Christmas as Maddie is out of preschool for break. Eliza was up at 6:30a.m. and by 10a.m. she was pretty cranky and ready for a nap, but I figured we could manage a run to Target and go home. While there she got out of control, so much so that a really nice lady offered kind words of understanding, and helped me find something I was looking for. As I knew Eliza could take no more I ran to the check out lane, pushing a cart, and holding my screaming child and obviously big and pregnant; I get in line, and this lady I think thought she was helping, decided to loudly say (or maybe it was because Eliza was screaming) You need to go ahead because she's been screaming for a half hour and obviously needs to go home. (way to state the obvious huh?) And proceeds to try and direct everyone else to move for me. Everyone else in line had one or two things, I had a cart full, I said no it's fine as I didn't want to cut the old man holding a huge bench... thankfully a new line opened and the Target worker ushered me over, not before the nice lady from before started yelling at the other lady for being so rude to me. They started arguing for a minute. Needless to say, I was very mad at this lady for really making me feel worse than I already did and practically saying you're such a bad mom for letting your child scream like that and not leaving immedietely. Had I not been dealing with my 2 year old I probably would have said some not so nice things to this woman, instead I said nothing and did what I had to in order to leave the store.
So Sunday we go to a Christmas party after church for a guy that works in Josh's building that we've met before. Nice couple, big house, no kids at home anymore. There were kids there and our kids played great with them and had fun. As we were walking out the door a new guest had arrived who works in Josh's building, but Josh doesn't know him really at all. He sees me pregnant and then our other three walking towards the door and says: "Geez Josh 3 kids and one more on the way I'm sorry Man". I really could have just hit the guy. He doesn't know us!It was just a week of rude people last week, it made me want to yell out loud LEAVE ME ALONE!
I wasn't feeling very festive last week...but thankfully I haven't dealt with anymore rude people in the past few days!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

been a bit busy....

So I'll just do a quick list of happenings going on here since I last posted and will (I PROMISE!) follow up with some fun pictures:
celebrated Halloween, Jonas as Luke Skywalker, Maddie as Tinkerbell, and Eliza as a fairy.. had so much fun trick or treating with Eliza this year especially when she realized she got candy!
-Jonas has been improving and doing well at school and church. He's really coming along with sounding things out, and writing... and was given a little award for most improved in reverence in Primary. I was so proud of him, and he was proud of himself as he showed his certificate! (his behavior has greatly improved all around, it's amazing what a difference a year can make!)
-Eliza turned 2... wow, time sure has flown by! She's become my little repeater. She loved her Elmo cake and balloons.
-Got to see both Jonas and Maddie's Thanksgiving programs, and they both did so good! Jonas is still singing this song about fat turkeys!
-Put our house up for Sale... as the market is so slow we decided we didn't want to be stuck trying to sell in a hurry... we'll rent the last half of our stay in Norfolk, which I'll be sad to leave our home, but glad it will be one less thing to be stressing about.
-Drove to Atlanta for Thanksgiving, had turkey and all the fixings at a hotel and saw the Colts vs. the Falcons... there were a lot of Colts fans besides us, I was surprised, Jonas went and covered his ears most of the time, but I think he had fun.I know I did, they won of course!
-In between all of this we've been battling chest colds, coughs, and fevers as the weather has been warm, then cold then warm again. Which of course is no fun. I'm still coughing and its been a week.
-I'm 30 weeks pregnant, and still doing good. I'm measuring a week ahead, but they won't change my due date... but I figure this little guy will arrive at the beginning of February.

Our crazy adventures... with 4 great kids...