Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cute girl in piggie tales

The other day I wondered, "Is Eliza's hair long enough to be put into pigtails?"

So I tried it, had to distract her to hold still (trust me not an easy thing to get a 1 1/2 yr. old to hold still long enough to part their hair!). She looked so cute!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Getting the book and finishing it!

I had so much fun getting the Harry Potter book the other night. We had to go on Friday at 4p.m. and get braclets, and those bracelets had a letter on them and that determined how soon you got your book. Thankfully we were in the A's so we go to get ours before everyone else! I wonder how long it took them to get through them all. Then I went to the mall around 10p.m. with some friends to the Barnes and Noble which is part of a mall, and they had a Harry Potter scavengar hunt through the mall where they had different Harry Potter related items hung in obscure places that you wouldnt' have noticed. They also had characters from the book you could have your picture taken with, face painting, a sorting hat to be sorted into your houses, and a Harry Potter trivia game. They also had a costume contest and my friend Jenn's daughter Shelby won 1st prize (as Luna Lovegood) and Savannah(went as Tonks) got 3rd. Josh met up with me after our friends that watched the kids got there and hung out with us. Jenn's Mother-in-law Kit was there too as Rita Skeeter, she looked fabulous! They also handed out fun Harry Potter type glasses which Maddie really wanted me to take a picture of her in! Josh and I read the majority of the book together (as we did with most of the other books the first time we read them) so it took us longer to read. We did end up finishing the book seperately yesterday (Sunday) since we read all day Saturday and we didn't think the kids would go for it anymore! So we're both done with the book, and both of us thought it was a great ending to the series!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Countdown to book 7....

I have seriously been avoiding reading anything on-line about the Harry Potter book because of all the leaks about the book. I want to read it myself, I don't want anyone else to spoil it for me. I can hardly wait to open it up and begin the final book. It's exciting, but sad that it has to come to an end. These books have sucked me in. I even had a dream about being a witch last night, but for some reason my wand was plastic! lol! And I couldn't remember any spells when one of the bad death eaters was after me!
Tonight we have some friends from church (who don't have kids) coming to hang out while Josh and I go out with some other friends to Barnes and Noble to get the book. I'm definately going to need to take a nap this afternoon if I'm going to make it to midnight!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Celebrating birthdays

Last night I got a much needed break since Josh has been out of town since Monday to go out with some of my girlfriends to dinner at Panera to celebrate our friend Jenna's 29th Birthday. Out of our group there last night she was the youngest, and I'm the second youngest. That was fun to rub that in to the others in our group! Who do you think looks oldest??? Let me know what you think especially if you don't know any of the people in this group. The picture left to right is: Jenn, Jenna, Heidi, Nicole, and Me. (Deborah)
Jenna's Mom was there too and took the picture for us.

After dinner then we drove down the street to the Bakers Crust for their wonderful Crepes! The one Nicole and I shared was one that was filled with chocolate moose (sp.???) and strawberries and had a vanilla and chocolate syrup on the side with a side of whipped cream. It is the best dessert I think I've ever had, it is so good!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

watch this it's SOOO FUNNY!


Harry Potter Movie and 1st visit to the doctor for me..

Last night I was insane enough to go see the midnight show of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It was a good movie, although I doubt I'll ever be impressed with any of the movies since they aren't as good as the book. But what movie ever is?? Name one for me!? You can't, so don't even try!
Anyway, I went with my friend Jenn and her oldest two girls, and her mother-in-law met up with us along with her nephew who is visiting.
We went to Coldstone to get some sugar in us before the movie (it was definately needed!) I did consider buying one of those mountain dew freeze things they have, but decided not to.
Today I had my first OB visit for the pregnancy. Had the usual talk about my personal history, about past pregnancy's and deliveries, talked about how I'm feeling. And so far mostly I'm feeling tired, nauseous (at times, but not nearly as bad as I was with Eliza), but mostly the same. They did do an ultrasound, only one baby! At least as of today! The doctor seemed pretty sure at least! It was very cool to see (though too early yet to hear it) the heart beating. Seeing the tiny little blob and seeing the area of the chest with the tiny little hear beating, it's always exciting, even the 4th time around. So I'm 8 weeks and 2 days I guess. My due date is Feb.20th but we'll see if I actually make it there as I have yet to get to a due date!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

4th of July and weights and measurements....

Our 4th of July was pretty fun. The kids and I went to the beach with some of my girlfriends. Josh isn't much of a beach guy so he stayed home and looked at his new car for awhile. (ha ha just kidding, he actually took the little racing stripe the dealership had on it off because he didn't like it)

Thankfully he didn't mind coming to the beach to pick up Eliza. She just wasn't having much fun, and I knew it was because she was tired. Sure enough after Josh got her home and cleaned off from the sand and salt water she slept from 1-4:45p.m.! Yep she as one tired little girl. I didn't mind she slept that long so then she'd be happy for the fireworks. We got together with the same friends we went to the beach with for a a barbeque and then left to watch the fireworks in downtown Norfolk. Jonas and Maddie plugged their ears the entire time (as you can see from the photos!), but Eliza just sat there and enjoyed it. It was funny to watch their different reactions.

Thursday Jonas and Eliza had their well check-ups at the doctor. Jonas is now 45 1/2 inches tall and 41 lbs.
And Eliza is 24lbs. 14oz. and 31 1/2 inches tall. Maddie had her doctors appointment yesterday and she weighs 38lbs. and is 42 inches tall. Apparently Maddie is in the 75th percentile for her age for her height! Wonder where she gets that from???

Our crazy adventures... with 4 great kids...