Monday, April 21, 2008

harrassed by a 6 year old. who wasn't mine!

A few weeks ago while Maddie was in her creative dance class Jonas,Eliza, Wyatt and I were at the park next to the building she was at. It was a gorgeous day, and I thought the kids would enjoy playing outside for awhile. (they did) Jonas has taken to wearing this black pirate hat and pretending his light saber is a gun, like one used in the revolutionary war. He'll sit there and pretend to pack the gun powder down and then shoot, and then reload it and pack it down again. He's taken his light saber to the park without incident several times, so I wasn't thinking anything of it when he asked to bring it, I said sure. We were there only a short time when Jonas makes a friend with a boy who's a few years older. He lets the boy play with his light saber, and they play happily. Then a boy who's the same age as Jonas wants to play with him, but Jonas doesn't want to play with him. So the little boy came over and says to me:"Your son isn't sharing his light saber with me." I told him I was sorry, but he had to ask Jonas if he could play with it and that I wasn't going to force Jonas to share it. (I don't even know this kid!) Well he apparently asks, and Jonas says no. The little boy talks to me again, and again I tell him sorry if he doesn't want you to play with it, I'm not going to force him to give it to you. Then he mopes around for awhile, and here's the kicker, he sits down next to me on the bench (I'm breastfeeding Wyatt under the hooter hider thing I have) and sits there with this pouty look on his face. He says, your son is hurting my feelings! When he did that my first thought was WHY ME!? I came to the park to get a little break from the kids, and here's this little boy I did not know and he's HARRASSING ME! I tried to keep my cool, asked him questions to maybe make him forget about it, but no it didn't work. He eventually was called by his mother, otherwise I might have gone over to her myself to tell her to get her pitbull son off my back and buy her son his own light saber next time... geesh!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy with 4

I keep forgetting to post funny things the kids will say to me, so before I forget I wanted to share a funny conversation Maddie and I had the other day. I don't recall how it started but Maddie said, Mommy when you have another little girl... and before she even finished I interrupted with, uh Maddie, Mommy's not having anymore babies. Maddie says, why Mommy? My answer, because I'm happy with the four of you! I think she was disappointed, but hopefully she'll realize one sister is probably all she can handle! =)

Confession time...

For years I've prided myself on not getting sucked into a lot of the reality t.v. shows on. (but I did enjoy the 1st ever season of the Real World, after that it was never original in my opinion)
But I have several friends who only watch such shows. One of those is American Idol. I started walking recently in the morning with some of my friends and I kept hearing them talk about this person and that person so finally I had to watch and see who the heck they were talking about. And now I'm addicted to American Idol,
I was even surprised when Michael Johns got booted off the show last week!! 2 months ago I wouldn't have known who that was!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tick tock, tick tock

No that's not my biological clock ticking... it's the start of the countdown to our leaving Norfolk, VA. Yesterday Josh calls me to tell me that the timing we had planned to move before wouldn't work, so now we are moving EARLIER! Josh sure knows how to make a girl panicky!
So we are going to be preparing to move at the beginning of June to head to SanDiego!Unfortunately Josh will be staying for a little longer for his job. Hopefully we'll get our house sold. Its been 4 years since we've moved, and this time we have 4 children instead of 2 which means more stuff to pack. YIKES! I'm already feeling stressed! Let the countdown to our move begin!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

pictures, pictures and more pictures....

These are pictures from when my sister came down for Spring Break we had fun! Then the funny face picture of the kids with their friend Emily was during our srping break when we went bowling. Then the picture of Wyatt at 2 months. His shirt says 50% mom + 50% dad= 100% cute (so true huh!?) Then the other one I loved this shirt and had to buy it and of course got his picture in it, it says My Mom ROCKS me to sleep. Cute huh? Then the picture of Wyatt looking at Maddie, doesn't his expression say it all... he loves her so much!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

An oldie but a goodie...

I had to post this picture I came across today. I happend to be just looking back for fun at pictures of the kids and saw this one and could not stop laughing!
Maddie has a look like yep she's crying because of me, and yep I'm digging for gold! Eliza looks like she's saying why do I have to always put up with this! And the funny thing is their relationship is pretty much the same as in this picture, well at times it is.

On a more serious note... after a long week of EVERYONE (including Wyatt) getting the fever/vomitting thing we are I think over it! (and crossing my fingers, knocking on wood and all that)
It was a rough week, especially with Josh being gone. Thank goodness he's home now! For a few days at least!
Oh and one more thing! We are moving to SanDiego this summer!!! Yep we found out for sure recently that Josh will be a flight instructor at a squadron out there. So at the beginning of May Wyatt and I will be going out with Josh to look for a place for us to live. My friend Jenn is risking her sanity to watch our older three kids for a few days! Thanks Jenn! (thankfully our kids enjoy being together, maybe they won't after this! lol!)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It never fails...

It never fails that when Josh goes away for work that someone or all of us tend to get sick. And I don't mean runny nose, coughing sick. I mean kind where you have fluids coming out both ends if you know what I mean. It all started Saturday night after a fun afternoon spent at Busch Gardens. We went to bed, and sometime around 2a.m. (why is it always in the middle of the night??!) Jonas comes in to tell us Eliza threw up, and then he ends up throwing up too!EEK! It was not a nice smelling room at all! So next day (Sunday) Jonas is layed up on the couch with a fever to go along with the vomitting, and Eliza is acting pefectly fine! Jonas misses school Monday and by mid day is fine. By the way, in the midst of all of this Josh left Monday to head to San Diego for work. So.... by Monday afternoon all is well everyone seems fine and I get the kids in bed last night thinking FINALLY tomorrow I will get to enjoy the kids being back at school as we had spring break last week. WRONG! I again was woken to the sound of someone throwing up in the bathroom, thinking great Jonas is still sick, but was wrong, it was Maddie this time. I gues everyone needs a turn right? She was then up every hour after throwing her guts up and not always making it to the toilet or into the bucket I'd given her. It was so fun to clean up, and then on top of it to have to get Wyatt back to sleep amongst all the chaos. Barring anyone else getting sick tonight and if Maddie is well she will go back to school tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me, and let's hope I can get their carpet in their room cleaned and smelling better than it does right now.
I will post some pictures tomorrow.. its been a long day and Josh is gone until Saturday night. (UGH!)

Our crazy adventures... with 4 great kids...