Monday, January 25, 2010

Seriously... I know...

It's been over a month! Let's see what's going on with us. Instead of a big long post I'll summarize it:
> Mom came to stay with us, it was fabulous to have another adult around
>Eliza had her Christmas program at school, she did great!
>Wyatt got his first professional hair cut

>went to Milton,FL to hang with the in-laws for Christmas, had a great time!Loved spending time with cousins,grandparents, and aunts and uncles!

>Josh got accepted into the Foreigh Area Officer program, so he will no longer be a pilot. We will be moving to Monterey,CA in June of this year! We will be going to Europe, where exactly we don't know. I'll keep you posted! We're excited!
>upon returning home from our trip, the furnace was not working, it was freezing, got fixed fast thankfully!
>realized staying up until Midnight to watch the ball drop for New Years was difficult
>I turned 32. Went out with friends, got a pedicure. Had a great day, don't feel any older yet!

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